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Julie was drawing pictures with anything that came to hand before she could walk and understandable perhaps, given that her mother painted watercolours and her father could draw a portrait. However an early career as a working artist was not to be. As with many potential artists, the demands of life unavoidably got in the way and her Art journey was put on hold.  Through it all however, the need and want to draw was ever present.

Having an innate talent for the visual arts was simply not enough. Julie wanted to create fine art work that had the strength and structure of the beautiful and old style realistic art. To do that she needed training, which meant learning techniques that are both difficult and challenging to acquire and put into practice.  Those skills are taught in the traditional fine art ateliers.

In 2009 she enrolled as a part-time student at the Julian Ashton School of Art in Sydney and for the next 6 years, she studied in the traditional school of cast and figure drawing and painting.  During that period she also undertook workshops at the Florence Academy of Art, Italy which also teaches students in the traditional atelier practice.

Julie is currently working as realist artist in Sydney, Australia.